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Chemicals in Our Diets Produce Fat People

8/19 9:55:29

Most people don`t think about how chemicals in their diets affect theirweight or weight loss efforts. But the man-made chemicals you consume on aregular basis can play a big role in whether you`re fat or not – even if thosechemicals don’t contain a single calorie.

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To understand this, you’ll need to know that your liver is your primarydetoxification organ. Your liver is also your primary fat-burningorgan. Therefore, the more unnatural chemicals you consume on a regular basis,the more time and energy your liver needs to spend detoxifying you. But, themore your liver is consumed with the role of detoxification, the less time andenergy it will have for burning fat. It’s really that simple.

For example, we all clearly agree that pesticides are poisons ; theirprimary purpose is to kill living organisms. We know that most non-organicfoods are laced with pesticides, and we understand that pesticides don’tmagically become non-poisonous inside our bodies. Our bodies see pesticides aspoisons too.

How does your body treat a poison? It attempts to detoxify it. This meansyour body attempts to render the poison harmless, and then removes it from yourbody, generally through your colon. Your colon is your primary organ used to eliminatetoxins from the body, and your liver is the organ most often responsible forrendering poisons harmless.

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But what happens when people eat unnatural chemicals in most meals?

Our livers become overwhelmed with the need to detoxify all of those chemicalsand poisons, and the poisons start to back up in our blood. The fact that thisis happening in just about everyone has been confirmed by several looks insidethe average person`s blood.

Your liver will also store toxins and poisons for you that is was unable torender harmless. It does this to keep those poisons out of your bloodstream andfrom circulating in your body.

But now your liver, in addition to being overwhelmed detoxifying all of thechemicals you`re consuming each day, is also losing its functionality and hasbecome a storage facility for poisons it couldn`t render harmless. Someestimates are that three fourths of the average person`s liver is used to storetoxins that the liver was unable to render harmless.

No wonder so many people think losing weight is challenging… Their primaryfat burning organ is overwhelmed with another task, and it’s become only halffunctional.

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