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Oolong Tea Weight Loss

8/19 9:55:14

Oolong tea is a popular Chinese tea that has become more popular around the world, and there are many marketers capitalizing on the Oolong tea weight loss popularity in the west. Besides Oolong tea, you will also see all types of “tea” weight loss products such as “Wu Yi Tea” and “Green Tea” weight loss products. Oolong tea has been consumed for thousands of years in China, but it is not until recently that it has gained recognition as a weight loss ingredient. In fact, many fat burners and diet pills you see on the market today will include some green tea or oolong tea extract.

Just as an FYI, there is no such thing as a “Wuyi Tea” that you see marketed – these claim that the so called Wuyi tea help with weight loss and so on. In fact, being a heavy tea drinker, I’ve never even heard of a Wuyi tea variety in China, and neither has anyone I know who are also heavy tea drinkers. In Fujian province of China, there is a Wuyi mountain, which is a region famous in China for producing all types of teas. So while there isn’t a variety of tea called Wuyi, there are Wuyi tea varieties that are grown and produced at Wuyi mountain.

That aside, because there are studies that have found various types of tea (such as Oolong and Green) to have weight loss benefits, they are being heavily promoted to be effective weight loss supplements; however, they are much too overhyped and overpriced. If you really wanted, simply purchase loose oolong or green tea and drink two or three cups a day.

It appears that Oolong tea is somewhat more effective at increasing energy expenditure and thus better at aiding weight loss. A Japanese study done on Oolong tea found that energy expenditure increased by 10% after consuming Oolong tea, whereas drinking green tea increased energy expenditure by just 4%. Although there are plenty of studies that confirm the weight loss effects of oolong tea and green tea, they are by no means the magical weight loss solution as what some advertise them to be.

Drinking some Oolong tea each day will help increase your energy expenditure, and provide you with many other health benefits; however, don’t expect to lose 10lb simply by drinking the tea. For consistent and effective weight loss, you need to be active, exercise regularly, and you must have a good diet in place that promotes healthy and slow weight loss. Please see the resource link below for ideas on losing weight and keeping it off.

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