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Lose 10 Pounds A Month - 5 Tips How To Do It

8/19 9:55:03

To lose 10 pounds a month is actually an easy thing to do. All you have to do is simply change your way of life. Here are 5 tips how you can lose 10 pounds in a month:

1. Stay away from soft drinks or sodas. Soft drinks and sodas are extremely high in sugar. The sugar in these drinks will turn into fat if you do not immediately burn it off. Drink water or drink newly squeezed fruit juice but do not add any sugar. Drinking unsweetened fruit juice will replace useless calories with healthy calories.

2. Brisk walk in the morning. Brisk walking in the morning is an excellent method to burn much of your fat and calories. This exercise shall increase your metabolism, therefore making your body burn a lot more fat through your entire day. A good half an hour of brisk walking, about 4 to 5 times weekly will give you a notable result in a month.

3. You must drink water daily, a minimum of 8 glasses. Drinking water will make you feel full and will also make your body’s metabolism increase. Here is a simple drinking tip. For every 2 pounds of your weight, you drink 1 ounce of water. If you weigh 200 pounds, then you drink 100 ounce of water.

4. Eat 4 to 5 times daily instead of your regular 3 meals. However, these 4 to 5 meals should be small meals and not your regular size meals. When you eat more frequently, you will be less hungry and this will prevent you from eating too much during your meals.

5. Stop eating by 7 in the evening. Eating after 7 in the evening will make you fatter, especially when you eat just before bed. This is because after 7 pm, you probably will not do much physical activities that will help burn your calories.

Follow these 5 tips to lose 10 pounds a month and see the new you in a month.

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