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Weight Loss Tips that Don’t Involve Starvation

8/19 9:54:54

Have you noticed that the majority of diet programs out there sound a little like an irritated mom demanding that you eat your vegetables? And also, sorts of people who believe that if they forced to bike to work have taken over the weight loss industry. It's not important for these people whether their tricks and tips to lose weight are effective or not, they only care about whether their advice reinforces their world view that the right and proper way to live is to wring their hands over their carbon footprint, wag their fingers at anyone who wears fur, and generally deny and denounce everything that's fun!

I have no problem with this, but starving yourself to lose weight is bad advice, or I can say it the worst advice. But, it's exactly what most diets are telling you to do. If fat and sugar aren't fit for human consumption, why do they taste so good?

Evolution designed our bodies to handle larger quantities of the stuff we like than most people realize. But the problem here is it didn't design us to live the permanently sedentary, stationary lives that we live in modern society. If you have an office job, or work from home, or do anything that involves a lot of sitting around, your metabolism is acting like you're a bear hibernating through the winter-only it's acting that way year-round.

Of course, I'm not saying you should eat at the fast foods like McDonald's every day. Moderation is the key in all things. But if you want a tip to lose weight, look at this: “Focus on speed up your metabolism instead of cutting back on the things you enjoy to eat”

It's easier to speed up your metabolism than you think. Well, I'm not talking about exercise (because for some people exercise is harder way). Here's the simple and best tip to speed up your metabolism: “Varying the amount of calories you eat every day, you'll make your body think it needs to burn a lot of calories, when in reality on many days you're consuming very few”

Simple? But it’s really work! you should try it if you want to lose weight quickly.

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