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Fat Burning Workouts For Men

8/19 9:54:52

I'm going to be honest here so get ready for some straight talk. Men who want to lose weight really want to lose fat.

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If you follow the traditional programs of weight loss, you will sabotage your chances of getting lean and staying lean. Most men shrink at the idea of dieting and so equate fat loss with dieting.

Here are some facts that you must consider when burning fat from your body. If you want to retain your muscles and you do, you must decide if you want to burn fat or gain muscle. If you try both, you will not be successful at either very well. Make your choice based on the reason why you want to get in shape.

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If you are over 12% body fat, then start with the fat loss. Once you reach the level you desire, (for men that are not in fitness competition, that's usually 10 to 12%) you can start bulking up carefully to gain muscle mass (depending on your age) you will need to carefully adjust your diet and exercise routines.

Unless you want to be a marathon runner, do not run for longer than 30 minutes for fat burning. You probably thought read that wrong, well you didn't. Men need to remember that muscle burns calories more efficiently and must be maintained for efficient fat burning. If you are into slow careful aerobic exercise, do that in your off hours as a pleasurable pastime. We are about to burn the hell out of your fat stores.

Here are three absolute musts for efficient fat burning exercise regimen.

Absolutely do not skip meals. You will need to eat between four to six meals a day. These small meals should fit in a bowl the size of your fist. The secret to fat burning is lower calorie intake and combination aerobic and anaerobic workouts. You will be eating more food but food that contributes to fat loss.

You must drink lots of water all day long. Water will "grease your wheels." There will be a strong desire to head to the toilet quite often when you start the program but you will get use to the increase in hydration as you begin to work out more strenuously.

Your workouts will be vigorous and varied. You will need to work out for only 30 minutes at a time and you can do it several times during the day but don't over do the routines. The basic idea is to use the fat stores and switch from carb based energy to fat based energy. It will take some getting use to if you are not a low carb eater but lean meats and fish along with fresh vegetables will be your best friends while you work your fat burning magic.

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