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Lose Belly Fat Caused by Stress - Lose the Stress and Lose the Fat

8/19 9:54:44

Stress. It's all around us. At work we are constantly bombarded with more "to do" lists. We don't get the raise we asked for. We can't pay our bills. Our kids are always asking for something. Your wife tells you the water heater just went kaput and will cost $3,000 big ones to replace it. Your flight was delayed 5 hours. It never ends. On and on and on...

So what happens when we get stressed? When we are stressed, a hormone known as Cortisol is released into the body. Cortisol signals the body to increase appetite and store more fat. It is sort of a "survival" technique used by the body to deal with stressful situations. Your blood pressure and blood sugar is elevated and in turn uses lots of energy. This energy needs to be replaced and so your body tells you to eat more food. This is why we eat when we are stressed.

This increase in food intake causes belly fat. Belly fat caused by stress is hard to lose. The more we are stressed, the more we will eat and the pattern will continue. The only way to stop the cycle is to reduce the amount of stress in our life. Probably easier said than done, but with some effort this can be achieved. Think of the consequences of all that stress and get to work to get rid of it. Stress is also a "silent killer" and when you put it like that, well, who needs it? Let's start to lose belly fat caused by stress by getting rid of the stress.

At work is probably the number one place that people tend to be stressed out. A bad day at the office can leave us feeling like pulling our hair out. Try not to let work get the best of you. If your job is just too stressful, maybe the best thing would be to find something else. I know this is extreme, but if your health is at stake, it might be the best alternative. Sometimes even after getting home from work, the stress is still there. The kids need to get to practices, appointments, social activities and the like. The things that were meant to relax us, tend to only leave us more stressed out. Try to eliminate those activities that you feel aren't necessary.

A great way to decrease the levels of Cortisol is to exercise. A brisk walk, bike ride or jog along the beach can do wonders for our stress levels and decrease our waist size. Take deep breaths at work or at home, close your eyes and relax for a few moments. Laughing is also a great stress-buster. Kids are great for getting the laughter going. Whatever it takes to lose belly fat caused by stress, it is worth doing.

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