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Weight Loss Techniques - How to Lose Weight

8/19 9:54:38

Hey, do you know that most weight loss articles and guides that you read on internet are only the basic tips? They always told you how to do this, how to do that, but they are telling only the basic things. It seems they trying to play "mind games" with you.. Actually, we need to get more advanced tips to lose weight. Don't just stick to one or two kinds of exercise. They won't be able to help you. Anyway, new techniques will pump up our motivation, right? So let's find out what are these techniques:

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The first one is belly rubbing. Belly rubbing is the technique to rub circles around your belly. By doing this, you'll improve your digestive system and eventually your metabolism will be improved. Or you can simply rub your hands for around 9-12 seconds. When you feel the heat, actually it is because your hand stimulates your fat cells to work. Just do this type of exercise 5 minutes every day and you'll see the difference within 1-2 months.

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The other cool trick to lose weight is: walking on cold water. Well, I'm not talking about magic trick but this is backed by theory. When you walk on cold water, your body stored fat will automatically used to help your feet. We all know that stored fat is needed to provide heat. So when your feet get cold due to the cold water, your stored fat will be used to help it. Therefore, try to put ice or cold water on your bathtub and walk on it for two or three minutes everyday. Five minutes is better.

These two tricks will definitely help you. They sound simple but they are really effective. So any other tricks like run or jog for 20-30 minutes actually are still important. But add these two simple techniques to your daily activities and you'll see the difference. Really. You will finally find something useful from your diet activities.

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