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Lose Weight for Free Fast

8/19 9:54:36

Do you need to lose weight? Do you want to fit into those pants a little bit easier? Would you like to slim down to a smaller dress size? Most people would, so you are in good company. Have you ever thought why there are so many diet books and plans and pills and systems out there? Don't you think if somebody came up with a decent plan that worked and was easy to stick to, they'd make a katrillion dollars and put the rest of the posers out of business?

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Yea, I thought the same way, until I discovered two completely new and yet breathtakingly easy to understand secrets. One is a mind trick. The other is a food you can buy at your local supermarket that has been shown in many different studies to have a significant positive impact on health.

But before I tell you these two secrets, we need to understand a little bit about human nature. When you understand what it is about human nature that allows all those diet books to sit in your local bookstore making money for their authors, despite their seemingly alien inspired claims of weight loss, you'll be able easier take on the mind trick I alluded to earlier.

People are lazy. Let's be honest. You'd rather push a button than switch a dial. You'd rather use the remote than get up to change the channel. You'd rather order a pizza than make one. You'd rather take a magic pill than go to the gym. We all would. Don't feel bad. You are no more lazier than the next person. If you are overweight, there's probably a million psychological and metabolical reasons for it. Forget them, they aren't important. People are lazy, and we evolved to have an extreme desire to eat eat eat. Because back in the old days, when we lived in caves, we couldn't' really pop down to the seven eleven and pick up a half dozen frozen burritos and a super big gulp. We had to actually go out and hunt for food. So when we found food, we ate until our bellies were bursting at the seams. Then we took a nap, and ate some more.

This doesn't help when you go to the supermarket when you're hungry. Your hunter-gatherer instinct kicks in and you are suddenly in caveman (or cavewoman) heaven. A debit card is a heck of a lot easier to use than some huge spear. Because humans were always on the hunt for food, we had to evolve a mechanism in our brains to always find the easy way. Since we never really knew where our next meal was coming from, we had to conserve energy. Both actual moving around energy, and thinking energy. And both of these instincts get us into trouble in our modern frozen burrito society.

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So how to we combat that? We turn our lazy brains against themselves. Here's the mindtrick. You need to train your brain to really fully imagine doing the exercise it would take to burn of that half doze frozen burritos you are contemplating eating. Pavlov discovered this technique a hundred years or so ago when he was experimenting on dogs. The reason we don't do this naturally, is because there was no reason for evolution to put this software program into our brain. But that doesn't mean you can't program it in. Whenever you think about eating something that your conscious rational brain knows you shouldn't take a moment and imagine as best you can how incredibly painful the exercise would be to burn those calories off. The trick is to train your brain to think the thoughts you tell it to think, instead of the ones it came preprogrammed with. It's not as hard as it sounds. Next time you are eating cream, close your eyes while the ice cream is in your mouth and imagine doing a thousand sit ups, on Oprah, naked. You want to train your brain to really feel the long term pain of that ice cream, and not the short term pleasure. This sounds kooky, and hokey, and like I'm completely making it up as I go along, but it really works.

Remember the simple trick. When you force your brain to think more in terms of long term pain than short term pleasure, you'll never have to worry about dieting again.

The second trick? Olive Oil. There's a reason people on the Mediterranean diet have the lowest levels of heart disease on the planet. Omega six fatty acids. The second reason is the kind of fat found in olive oil sends a signal to your brain to burn fat for energy rather than sugars. This can help you lose weight. Several university studies have shown that people who ONLY change the oil they used in their daily lives from whatever they were using to olive oil lost a statistically significant amount of weight. And not only will olive oil change your metabolism to burn fat instead of sugar, it will lower your hunger and your bodies inflammatory response, making you much healthier and much less susceptible to illness.

Some people go so far as to have a shot of olive oil at breakfast, but I'll let you decide.

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