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Effects of Leptin Treatment on Weight Loss

8/19 9:54:27

What is Leptin? Since 15 years ago, people expected a hormone called leptin to be the next generation of weight loss product. When experts discovered this hormone, it was considered as the guide for human body to eat properly. So if you eat too much, lit will give you a signal to stop eating. In 1995, leptin was named as a new breakthrough in science. Some people even lost more than 20 pounds after they practiced leptin therapy because it controlled those people's eating method.

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Everyone produces this hormone inside their body but sadly we have different amount of leptin each other. If you are a very active person, maybe you won't produce as much leptin as the others. So this treatment will help us to produce more hormone in order to help us control our meal.

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Unfortunately, leptin treatment makes everyone to become lazy. We both know weight loss is not only about eating but also about workout. You won't become a healthy person if you never love sporting activities. Study reports tell us that leptin treatment help some people to lose weight faster than usual but it doesn't help most of the obese people. Why? Because it only helps your eating habit but it doesn't help changing your habit.

So what you need to do? Easy. Even if you think your body produces more of it than normal people, you still need to workout. If you eat properly but you never go to gym or never walk outside your home, you can't expect any changes in your weight. You must remember that healthy lifestyle is needed to solve your problem. You might want to read my signature to know more.

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