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How to burn fat fast – tips on how to burn fat fast

8/19 9:54:08

How to burn fat fast – 10 fast fat burning tips


You want to burn fat in order to get perfect physique, a perfect fit body or simply want to lose weight for shaping your body or for any other health benefit, What ever the reason, follow these fast 10 tips to burn your unwanted fat:

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-          Eat little but frequently. Go for five – six smaller meals rather than eating 2- 3 heavy meals. Eating frequently smaller meals helps increase your metabolism which results in burning more unwanted fat.


-          Add raw fruits and vegetables to your diet menu in order to fulfill your micronutrients need. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fibers which help to control appetite and hunger pangs. Try to eat 25-35 grams of fiber per day.

-     Add protein rich food to your diet menu. Protein helps you to build muscles. Muscle tissues are fat burning factory. Therefore in order to burn more fat build more muscle by eating more and more protein rich diet.

-          Drink lot of water, at least 6 – 8 glasses daily to speed up metabolism and burn fat fast.

-          Go for low glycemic carbohydrates like whole wheat products, oat meal, vegetables rather than processed, fried or canned food.


      -  Go for exercises every day, increase your daily physical activities like going for a walk with your friend / family member, gardening instead of watching t. v.


-          Do not skip your breakfast and meals.

-          Take plenty of sleep.

-          Add some spices, spices helps boost metabolism.

-          Boost your metabolism .

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