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How To Lose Weight In Your Thighs

8/19 9:54:07

How Fat Is Lost From The Thighs

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If you remember how fat gets added to the body, it is kind of lumpy. When you are first getting overweight, you notice small changes in your thighs, your arms, your belly, your chin and other places. They don't all grow at the same time or the same rate.

It's the same when you lose weight. The body likes to keep fat all around the body but it is quirky because sometimes some areas will disappear more quickly than others.

With fat, for the most part, you cannot just target your thighs to lose the weight. You need to lower the overall fat for your entire body.

However, you still can do some exercises on specific parts to increase the toning, and reduce the likelihood of stretched skin. It can also have some small impact on the fat deposits.

Calories In And Out

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If your exercises are going to be successful then you must make sure that your calories in are less than calories out. This means that if you are a woman you should not eat more than 1,500 calories. If you are a man, you should not eat more than 2,000 calories.

All these exercises will be a waste of time if you don't also watch how much you eat.

Exercises And Mobility

Any exercise that we choose to lose weight off the thighs must involve a lot of motion, must help us lose fat and must involve the use of those thigh muscles too. Here are some great ones.


The thigh muscles are the largest in the body. There is perhaps no better type of exercise than running or jogging. If you really want to lose the weight quickly, I recommend that you do interval training and combine it with sprinting.

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This way, you only need to spend about 15 minutes on exercise but you will alternate between 30 minutes of jogging and 30 minutes of sprinting. This will have the weight coming off the thighs in no time!

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