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Truth About Six Pack Abs Program Scam

8/19 9:53:53

Truth About Abs program was created by Mike Geary, and has become very popular for firming up not just your abs but all of your muscles.

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 In fact, The Truth About Abs book hardly talks about ab muscles at all. Instead, it focuses on workouts for your entire body, as well as diet guidelines.

If you want to lose fat around your midsection, you need to lose fat all over. You cannot just isolate one part of your body and expect to lose fat from it. And if you think just doing sit ups is going to get you the stomach you want, think again. All sit ups will do is emphasize your muscles, but if they are being covered by fat, you will never see them by simply doing sit ups. The Truth About Abs will show you how to develop stomach muscles by training your entire body, since the stomach acts as a supporting muscle for many exercises that emphasize other muscle groups.

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I found the Truth About Abs program to be very beneficial. Mike Geary offers fantastic customer support and will answer any and all questions very quickly. But you must be prepared to make changes to your diet in order for it to work. If you think you can just workout a lot and get ripped stomach muscles, forget it! This is not going to work for you! There is a sacrifice that you must make in order to see results.

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