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Fat Burning Furnace - What Exercises to Lose Weight Will Work Best?

8/19 9:53:09

How to Lose 26 Pounds in 7 Weeks!

What exercises to lose weight have you been using over the years in an effort to lose fat? You probably tried one of those boot camp workouts and found them too difficult to do. People who are looking for a fitness program are shocked when they find out they have to do 90 minutes of cardio per day in order to see results. This much hard work will quickly drive down your motivation especially since it won't be until weeks that you will see a difference in the mirror.

Throw Away Your Old Workouts

Did you know that there are special types of exercises that only require you to work out 45 minutes per week? The Fat Burning Furnace system was developed by Rob Poulos, a fitness expert who was formerly overweight himself. After spending thousands of dollars on useless machines and "magic" pills, he was introduced to a new type of exercise and dieting system that focused more on quality techniques rather than quantity.

Lose 25 Pounds with Ease

The exercises are capable of shedding 25 pounds of fat in just 7 weeks. As long as you are willing to work out at least 45 minutes per week, you are guaranteed to lose 26 pounds fat in no time. The workouts are just 15 minutes each but are very intense. The workouts don't have a "constant" speed but rather alternates between slow and fast speeds. This "zig zag" method has been shown in Australian fitness studies to be up to 8 times more effective than same speed cardio. You can knock out the same amount of calories you would in 90 minutes at a fraction of the time! If you want more information on what exercises to lose weight are the most effective and cause the fastest fat loss, make sure to read the Fat Burning Furnace Guide.

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