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How To Burn Fat Belly - A Three Step Plan

8/19 9:52:56

Are you looking for tips on how to burn fat belly? Are you still battling the excesses of the vacation and you are terrified about the effects of the coming holidays? Well, here are a few easy tips to help you on your way.

If you are wondering about how to burn fat belly, you have to keep in mind that you get rid of roll around your tummy the same way you lose weight on the rest of your body. Yes, this is the part where I give you the bad news, you have to go on a diet if you are longing for that six pack!

Although it is not really possible to spot reduce, you can improve your tummy by focusing on the correct exercises. So, with a combination of a healthy balanced diet and stomach exercises, you will be able to have the slim body you are longing for.

Your three step plan:

Go onto a healthy balanced diet Do regular cardio to help your body burn fat Do stomach exercises to target your midriff

1. A healthy balanced diet:

Make sure the diet you choose is a well balanced diet. Going onto a fad diet will not help you with your problem at all. All that will happen with a fad diet is that you will lose more water and valuable muscle than actually losing any fat.

2. Do regular cardio:

This is not nearly as bad as it sounds. You do not have to go and run a marathon or take part in the iron man competition! All you need to do is go for a brisk walk, lasting about 40 minutes for at least 3 times a day. Make sure you send your heart rate up. A leisurely stroll will not do the trick here!

3. Do stomach exercises:

With the stomach exercises you get to the part where you target your tummy and get rid of those love handles. Do all the normal stomach exercises, and combined with the above, you will see results very soon.

There you have my how to burn fat belly tips. Keep at it and you will have success.

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