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How Do I Lose Stubborn Belly Fat

8/19 9:52:45

1. You need fat to lose stomach fat - in other words, build your diet around Good-For-You unsaturated fats and phase out trans-fat.

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Like saturated fats, trans-fat (found in vegetable shortenings) raise unhealthy cholesterol. There's another reason to keep them in check: Trans Fat may plump up your belly. A new study found that trans-fat draw fat tissue from other parts of the body to the middle. The study was done on animals, so more research is needed, but there's no reason to keep eating trans-fat!

2. Vary your meals and workouts regularly to burn body fat - make it a point to switch up your routine once every week or 2 weeks. Not only does it keep your body guessing, it makes your routine interesting, and fun.

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3. Your workout - make it challenging. That means stopping the boring cardio and forgetting about the 1000 sit-up goal. Instead make your exercise count by increasing the intensity of your cardio using Interval Training - and strength training challenging. You see, the harder a workout session is, the more calories you will burn - in other words you will be reducing body fat. This is really how to lose stubborn belly fat!

4. Have a favorite treat once a while, but eat it in moderation. Not only will treats keep you focused, it gives your diet variety.

5. If you have cravings, opt for low fat snacks like an apple or a handful of raw nuts.

6. Get your protein fix to burn body fat - it builds muscles, and will keep you full longer

7. This is how to lose stubborn belly fat - Eat out less. Rather than wasting money on fast foods and other kind of processed foods, cook your own healthy meals. Hence, this will require preparation to plan your meals, buy the best foods to eat, and cooking in bulk. Doing it this way, give you a control over what you eat, and will help you lose your belly fat over time.

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