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The Health Benefits Of Losing Weight - It s Not All About Dieting

8/19 9:52:36

When people talk about losing weight for “health reasons” it is naturally enough to make many feel that there is a reason for panic. The health problems connected to body weight are well-known, and the words “heart attack” are never far from people’s lips. But the fact is that losing weight can make perfect sense for a range of reasons that occasionally have nothing to do with heart problems. In fact, the simple process of losing weight can have health benefits that never crossed your mind before.

When you have lost weight, it is common to find that you have a sense of energy that seems almost boundless. This is commonly put down to having less weight to carry around with you, and there is some truth to that, but it is often more down to the fact that you have changed your eating habits to take in more nutrients which transfer into physical energy in such a way as to make you feel a lot more alert, awake and capable of facing the everyday tasks which you are used to.

You may well also find that your mental state improves. Again, though many people put this down to the fact of having lost weight, there is a lot of benefit in simply eating healthier food. Your brain will function better as a result of your body being healthier, and the relaxation that results translates into a more upbeat mental state – reason enough to think about weight loss today, surely?

It’s Not All About Dieting

Many people hear the term “weight loss” and immediately think “diet” – so interconnected are the two terms that it is often as though it were impossible to lose weight without a radical change in eating habits. But there are other elements necessary to a successful weight loss plan than just changing your diet – and in fact it may be that you are not eating anything you shouldn’t but rather you are gaining weight due to something you are not doing – exercise, for example.

The most successful weight loss plans, or at least the ones which have the most immediate success, tend to be those which combine a healthy diet with a sensible but rigorous exercise plan. Exercise aids weight loss for a number of reasons – not least the fact that it burns calories and prevents unused energy from converting to fat.

Additionally, exercise has a tendency to increase the metabolism. Your metabolism decides how quickly you use the calories that you have consumed. Many of us gain weight more easily because of a problem with our metabolism. This can be caused by an underactive thyroid gland, which may require medication. Some of us just have a naturally slow metabolism, and this is where exercise can help.

If anyone tells you that you need to eat less to lose weight – and you are already cutting out fatty foods left and right – then it could be that they are misleading you. Sometimes it is more of an issue with exercise – and this can easily be fixed.

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