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Losing Weight - Practical Advice for Losing Weight

8/19 9:52:25

Nowadays people don't use weight loss workouts as often as they should. Jobs are usually sedentary and time is at a premium. We need to commit to regular fitness though if we are looking to lose fat.

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There is a difficulty in finding time to complete our weight loss workouts these days - I mean who wants to leave work at 6pm and head straight for the gym?! I can throw all benefits of exercise at you such as it helps you lose weight, lowers the risk of many diseases, simulates the mind as well as the body.

At the end of the day it's perfectly understandable that people aren't prepared to give up hours of their free time traveling to the gym and working out 6 days a week in order to lose a couple of pounds of weight.

How about I told you exactly how you can lose weight in the comfort of your own home, at a time that's convenient for you? Working smart can lead to a huge reduction in weight - using these strategies will help you keep your weight loss workouts down to 45 minutes 3-4 times per week.

You have to be intelligent and scientific when it comes to your exercise. Learn how you can optimize your training by reading and researching articles like this one and listen to the professionals - they are the ones who have been there and done it!

Interval Training

This type of training has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to lose fat. None of your weight loss workouts are complete without it. Various exercise forms such as running, rowing, cycling or the elliptical machine can be employed to complete a high intensity interval routine.

The basic idea is that you workout at a high level of effort for short periods of time and follow these with a short period of recovery utilizing the same form of exercise. For example if you were using running as your exercise form you would jog during the recovery phase and run fast during the intense phase.

Science has shown that this kind of training helps elevate your metabolic rate far more than more traditional methods of exercise. Because metabolism is directly linked to fat loss you'll notice your body loses fat far faster than previously.

Weight Training

Weight training should play a part of your weight loss workouts if you want to optimize your fat loss. Go out and purchase some dumbbells!

There are many myths when it comes to weight training. People believe that they will look like Arnold Schwarzenegger if they even use them once a week! The fact is that weight training is great for burning fat, this is because the amount of muscle you have directly relates to how much fat your body burns on a daily basis. None of your weight loss workouts will be as effective as they could be until you start to use weights!

When you increase the size of your muscles you begin to elevate your resting metabolic rate. This metabolic rate directly relates to how many calories are burnt on a daily basis and studies have suggested that as many as 50 calories can be burnt each day per pound of lean muscle.

If you can work at a high intensity during a weights session you will also help boost your metabolic rate to a very high level for as many as 38 hours post workout. By keeping sessions fast and furious you optimize your weight loss workouts and lose pounds in a very short period of time. Use heavy weights and workout no longer than 45 minutes at a time.

What Time To Exercise?

In my view the best time for exercise is the morning and this opinion is backed up by numerous studies. Obviously your work schedule is going to determine when you are able to exercise regularly and it is vital that you are fully energized before commencing any fitness workout, especially as we now know that they need to be intense!

Morning workout sessions are preferred by many because it is easier to make a habit of something if done first thing. In general there are less distractions in the early morning and if more time is needed to complete a workout rising slightly earlier is always an option. In summer, mornings are cooler and air pollution is at its lowest so training then makes common sense

The biggest benefits of morning weight loss workouts are purely scientific however. In the morning after exercise you will have elevated your metabolic rate which helps your body to burn off the calories that you consume during the day more efficiently.

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These early morning workouts will also boost your energy levels for the day ahead and improve your mental acuity - something which may come in handy when you are negotiating the next big deal or trying to get the kids to school! Exercise consistently do so early in the day. It is easier to form the exercise habit through morning exercise.

Stretching And Rest

Did you know that stretching and rest are both absolutely essential if you are to maximize your weight loss workouts. Stretching opens up you muscles and increases flexibility. Regular stretching exercises help with your balance and improve your muscle's recovery time.

Give your body a chance to recover - a common mistake made by lots of people new to regular exercise (and some who should know better!) is to train too hard too often. Our bodies need rest, this is when the real changes take place - rest helps your muscles to repair and grow. Give yourself a complete day off at least once every two days and you will notice how much better you feel, energized and ready for action!

Go Get 'em!

So there you have it, five fantastic strategies to burn fat and lose weight. Utilize them and in no time at all you will notice an incredible improvement in your body composition - you'll look so good your friends will be jealous! If you are serious about losing those excess pounds then I recommend you visit Weight Loss Workouts where you will find a complete exercise routine based on some of these principles. Check it out via the link provided.

All this talk about exercise and no mention of nutrition! We all know that nutrition plays a vital role in any sustained weight loss. I recommend combining the knowledge you have learned here with a complete nutrition program such as the one which helped me to lose over 20 pounds of fat. That program was Fat Loss 4 Idiots and a review can be via the site featured above, simply scroll to the diet review pages. Optimize your fat loss now by checking out the program and your weight loss workouts will work better than ever.

Good luck, see you soon!

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