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Why Should You Buy HCG Injections?

8/19 9:52:10

You may or may not have heard of this naturally-occurring hormone, but you once had an abundant supply of it – which is why you should buy HCG injections. This completely safe hormone replacement therapy will restore balance to your bodily systems, allowing you to lose extra fat without stress or going hungry.

What Is HCG?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is what medical science calls a glycoprotein. It consists of short chains of amino acids and simple sugars that play a role in cellular interactions. This hormone is produced by the developing fetus during gestation; its primary function is to maintain and protect the uterine environment while the fetus grows and develops.

After we are born, HCG works with the hypothalamus gland, the small part of the brain that controls (among other things) metabolism.

Unfortunately, once we are out of the womb, production of HCG ceases. Meanwhile, the typical U.S. diet of highly processed foods with chemical additives and the overuse of commercial pharmaceutical antibiotics depletes the body of this important hormone. This causes a biochemical imbalance in the body that ultimately leads to the accumulation of fat.

“Like Cures Like”

HCG injections are considered a “homeopathic” treatment. Although it has only recently gained widespread attention, the concept has been around for over two centuries. The principle is based on the concept of “similars;” in short, a given condition can be cured by administering a substance that produces similar symptoms.

This in fact is the basis of the cure for smallpox as well as flu vaccines; a small amount of a similar virus is injected, literally “supercharging” the immune system. HCG injections therefore have a solid precedent; although obesity is not caused by a virus, the fundamental mechanism is the same.

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