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Every Other Day Diet - Are You a Binge Eater? Here is Your Perfect Diet!

8/19 9:52:08

How to Lose Weight Fast Dieting Only 3 Days a Week!

Are you a binge eater looking for healthier food alternatives? If you are concerned about gaining weight from binging, here are some basic food alternatives that can cut your caloric intake drastically!

Yoplait Chocolate Mousse Yogurt is a great option as well as low calorie hot chocolate.

Chicken or Turkey:
Not a substitute but if you want to enjoy it in a healthy way, take off that fatty skin.

Red Meat:
Red Meat can have so many chemicals and toxins from growth hormones injected into the animals. A healthier option is fresh fish, it has omega fatty acids which are great for your health.

Try a bagel and spread some strawberry jam or an English Muffin.

Grab some saltine crackers and spread on some cheese if you like cheetos, ranch spread if you like ranch chips etc! Try some popcorn too.

Ice Cream:
Frozen Yogurt or Frozen fruit is a great alternative to ice cream. Top on some light whipped cream if you'd like.

White Bread:
Try some whole grain bread, it has more fiber.

Soda or Juice:
These both have tons of sugar. If you don't enjoy drinking tasteless water, try some naturally sweetened tea instead to satisfy your taste buds.

If you are looking for a diet that isn't too restrictive and still let's you eat the foods you love, check out the "Every Other Day Diet". This diet allows you to eat healthy one day, and rotate the next with any junk foods you want!

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