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8/19 9:52:05

Fat Burning Furnace is a total body fat loss routine tried and tested by Rob Poulos (former overweight himself).

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 There's a huge lot of difference between Fat Burning Furnace and other popular products online and offline. Fat Burning Furnace is more of a concept than just a fast weight loss routine. The short and less frequency of the workout routines of Fat Burning Furnace can get you burn fat quickly with the minimum efforts. There are some unique features about the workout, firstly, the choice of multi joint exercises over single limb exercises, which means higher metabolism than usual exercise. Secondly, specifying the appropriate rep speed that makes a big difference in how we workout. The workout is the main core of Fat burning Furnace although the diet and nutrition gets equal claim as well giving weight loss a whole new and different definition. Experts have chosen this as a balanced combination of exercises and Diet control. You not only lose weight and burn fats but also give your body a perfect shape as well. Be ready for a comment from your colleagues and friends shortly. For all those people who want to lose fat- Ladies and Gentleman, this is a complete package. Robert Poulos became well-known expert in these questions and his method works.

Many websites offer fast weight loss tips these days but the first thing that strikes our mind on reading this is a strict diet. Though there is no escape from diet control if you want to burn fat but it can actually because you serious weight loss problems since human body cannot discriminate if we are on Intentional Calorie Deprivation, that is, strict diet or we are actually starving. Dieting causes loss in fats and muscles. This decrease causes the metabolism to slow down hence leaving us burning fewer and fewer calories. This is not good if we want to lose even the slightest amount of weight. In mid twenties, everyone starts losing lean muscle.

The main problem occurs with women especially who are sports active as there body fat tends to increase with age. As the fat increases, it interferes with the ability to exercise as each additional pound is difficult to carry around. The more difficult it becomes, more motivated we are, the less exercise we do and consequently, it becomes a viscous circle. It has been studied, women have a tendency to put on inches on lower body as it is more prone to fat storage. While, in case of men, upper body is more prone to carry those extra fats and hence they easily lose them too. Women who have dieted will notice that as they lose weight fast, body weight starts to melt from the upper body first and then losing from lower body. But in case of gaining weight, there is an opposite scenario. The fat cells in the hips, thighs, butts and abs get enlarged first. Women who diet for years have a disproportionate body, that is, upper body much smaller than their lower body.

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