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5 FAQs about Cheap HCG

8/19 9:51:27

Chances are, you're curious about the HCG diet program, but also want to know how cheap HCG measures up to other diet remedies. Before you purchase HCG from any source at any price, you need to make sure it's from a reputable company.

Following are the top 5 most commonly asked questions about cheap HCG:

Q. Is cheap HCG as effective as pricier diet remedies?
A. When purchased from a trustworthy company, HCG is one of the most effective diet aids you can buy today. The reason? HCG is a naturally-produced hormone that regulates the hypothalamus. It triggers your brain to burn excess fat and reprograms your metabolism. It goes to the source of your diet problems. Other remedies simply don't target problems at the most basic level.

Q. Can HCG be cheaper when purchased as a homeopathic remedy?
A. Yes. Homeopathic HCG contains a concentrated dosage of HCG, meaning 1 oz. of sublingual drops can last 15 days. HCG drops are also usually manufactured in the United States rather than overseas, making them cheaper to obtain and cheaper to ship domestically.

Q. Is oral HCG cheaper than injectable HCG?
A. Oral HCG can be significantly cheaper than HCG injections. Injectable HCG must be purchased with a prescription in the United States, or it must be obtained from an overseas pharmacy. If obtained overseas, HCG is incredibly expensive to ship and takes a long time to reach you, assuming it is not seized by customs. Oral HCG can be obtained in the US without a prescription.

Q. OK, so homeopathic HCG is cheaper than injectable. Is it as effective?
A. The good news is sublingual HCG drops are just as effective as HCG injections, but cost far less. HCG diet followers who switch from HCG shots to oral drops report a considerable increase in energy level and a decrease in hunger between meals. Their weight loss even increased when they switched to drops.

Q. So, HCG is cheap and effective. Is it safe?
A. Oral HCG is one of the safest remedies on the market. It is a naturally-produced hormone in the body that safely regulates your brain's hypothalamus. Basically, by taking oral HCG drops, you are simply replenishing your body's natural resources of this hormone. It does not interfere with any other medications you take. Oral HCG is safe for use by both men and women.

But before purchasing anything, be sure to ask if the HCG is manufactured by a reliable laboratory, and what standards that laboratory follows. Do your homework and make sure the product has received good reviews from others who have tried it. No diet remedy can be considered a good bargain if it's ineffective or poorly made.

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