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How to Build Muscle by Gaining Weight (cut stomach fat)

8/19 9:51:26

Let me explain some things about your diet, it seems equally important if not more important than weightlifting, because many people do not focus so much on a diet, but the truth is that if no "as not eating properly, you can not build muscle.

Why eat here a few simple rules, you must first determine how many calories you should consume daily. To do this you must take your weight in pounds and multiply by 17 or 180 x 17 = 3060, say some people who grow somewhere between 15 and 20, I discovered that 17 more for me because I not only As expected, but everyone is different, so find what works best when it is finished.

Now take this figure came with it was in my case is 3060, the number of calories you eat each day, once again, everyone is different, so if you have a very active life, you may need to consume more than should try to learn from this number and when you lose waiting for the week, you need to eat more, until he has put on weight every week, but no more than 8 pounds per week, as they turn into fat if sits waiting for a game, and then multiply by 15 and see how work is.

Now, with the calories they need to be divided into different sections, for example, receive 40% of protein should be between 40% and 20% carbohydrates and fats, there are now other ways of doing things, because 30% carbohydrate 50% and 20% fat, but 40-40-20 is a good result with many people. When I say that 40% of protein for this work in terms of calories, what I remember is that for every gram of protein has 4 calories per gram of carbohydrate has 4 calories, but for every gram of fat contains 9 calories. Therefore, to know how each pro-carb-fat have to do this.

3060 cal per day
3060 x 40% =1224 protein calories divide by 4 (calories per gram) = 306 per day
3060 x 40% =1224 carbs calories divide by 4 (calories per gram) = 306 per day
3060 x 20% =612 fat calories divide by 9 (calories per gram) = 68 per day

Now it takes at least 6 meals a day, eat as then, would one of these numbers divided by 6 to learn how to eat a meal, for example, 306 / 6 = 51g per meal and 306 / 6 = 51g of carbs per serving 68 / 6 = 11.3g of fat per meal.

There is much to learn about building muscle, especially the food we eat, what to learn to train the muscles and training, if they are, and will provide training, etc. Find out more about building muscle and under the http://www.burnfatfeedmuscle.info

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