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Oral HCG vs. HCG Shots: Which HCG Treatment is better for you?

8/19 9:50:10

When Dr. Simeons first discovered the process the HCG hormone undergoes to regulate the body's metabolism, he developed injections as an HCG treatment regimen. At the time, that was the only option for people who needed to restore their HCG reserves. Over time, however, another HCG treatment option has come to light: oral HCG drops. This homeopathic remedy offers the same benefits as injectable HCG, but which method will work best for you?

Are you afraid of needles?
If you are afraid of needles and don't like the thought of injecting yourself several times a day, homeopathic HCG drops will work best for you. Using an oral syringe, you place the drops under your tongue. It's absolutely painless and very convenient.

Are you worried that only injectable HCG is effective?
Studies show that oral HCG is just as effective as injectable HCG. Dieters who switched from the injections to the sublingual drops continued to lose as much weight, if not more, than they did when taking injections. These same dieters also reported having more energy and less hunger between meals than when they were using the HCG shots.

Are you bothered by the high cost of HCG shots?
If so, then oral HCG will ease the strain on your pocketbook. HCG injections are quite expensive because you either have to obtain them through a doctor's prescription or by ordering them from an overseas pharmacy. This makes the injectable HCG very costly and time-consuming to obtain. On the other hand, homeopathic HCG drops can be ordered from reputable companies in the United States without a prescription. A single 1 oz. bottle will last approximately 2 weeks.

Are you concerned that oral HCG isn't safe?
HCG is not a drug. It does not interact with your current prescriptions, nor does it have any negative side effects. Whether you choose oral HCG or injectable, rest assured that it is completely safe to take. You are simply replenishing a crucial hormone that your body needs. Over time, our modern way of life strips away your reserves of HCG. Without the HCG you need to regulate the hypothalamus, you fall prey to obesity. No matter which HCG treatment method you choose, you are choosing a healthy and happy road to diet success.

Some people may prefer injectable HCG, while others may prefer the convenience of oral HCG drops. Carefully consider how much you can spend on your HCG treatment and how easily you will be able to incorporate the HCG weight loss cure into your lifestyle. Nowadays, you have the good fortune to have a choice in your method of HCG treatment!

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