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Calorie Counter Charts Let You Track Your Food Intake

8/19 9:50:10

Did you know that a calorie counter chart can help you to keep track of your food if you are dieting? This chart will help you to know what you are supposed to eat. So many get lost in the woods of all there is to remember. Of course, you can also follow a specific diet and then you do not have to worry about how to lose weight, calories or no calories!

Weight loss companies such as Weight Watchers and Nutra-Slim claim to have perfected the calorie counter chart, but there are also many free ones available online. You should be able to find one very easily with a simple Google. I came up with a 138 000 when I did a very basic search.

More and more people are realizing that fad diets are dangerous. This is the reason why many are getting interested in calorie counter charts. They are very good, but sometimes simply following a set diet is easier than keeping track of all your eating all day long. People are becoming more and more aware of the basic principle of calories in and calories out. Keep in mind though, that there are ways you can change this a little with the right kinds of food.

A calorie counter charts systematize your diet and makes it a little simpler.

Basic tips for starting your calorie counter charts:

1. Never, never supersize your meals! Do not be fooled by what it is called, such as 'go large" and even large portions called "medium!" Be aware of the calories in every bite you take. This is where the calorie counter chart helps you. The chart forces you to take note of the calories in your meal.

2. It is far better to have more than three small meals a day rather than three 'big' meals a day. This way you keep your blood sugar levels up and it prevents you from getting so hungry.

Example of an eating plan you can use while you keep track on your calorie counter chart (do not eat this every day! Vary your diet):


A boiled egg, a slice of toast and an orange


An apple and a slice of cheese


Three ounces of tuna with a large green salad. Beware of salad dressing! Add to this any small portion of a complex carbohydrate.


Yogurt and another small portion of fruit


Steamed chicken breast and broccoli with a medium boiled potato and a huge salad consisting of "free" veggies.

3. Remember to keep track of all the calories consumed. It is easy to let something slip! I think this is maybe the biggest problem with calorie counter charts, you have to record everything, sometimes simply being told what you have to eat, and no more than that, is easier as you will get with a worked out "diet"

4. Work out how many calories you need to maintain your weight. This will depend on how active you are and other factors. Now that you know that, you can you’re your calories a day a little and you will start losing weight. Do not drop too many. As a rule of thumb, do not eat more than 300 calories a day less than you need. You do not want your metabolism to slow down because you are eating too little!

5. Make sure you only have the right kinds of food in the house. Shop only for the right kinds of food and do not go shopping when you are hungry! Many a diet has failed because of a hungry shopper!

6. Eat slowly and chew your food well. Make sure you are aware of the taste and texture of every bite. In this way you enjoy your meal and will feel satisfied with less. Enjoy your meal and do not simply gobble it down.

7. Cut yourself some slack! You are going to give in to temptation from time to time. Do not throw the diet overboard because of that, forgive yourself and continue losing weight.

These are the benefits of a calorie counter chart if you are wondering about how to lose weight counting calories.

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