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3 Foods To Avoid To Reduce Stomach Fat - Eat Them At Your Peril!

8/19 9:50:09

Everyone knows that the last few pounds that one wants to lose in a diet are the most difficult and hard to get rid of. Moreover, this is the point where most people fall off the wagon and never manage to get back on it. As a result, they abandon their diet plans and end up back where they used to be before - if not worse. However, the simple truth is that in the majority of cases, one can hang on to his or her diet plan, simply by avoiding these three types of foods that I will be describing here.

Firstly, the biggest culprit in diet failings is chocolate. People have a very special soft spot for chocolate and you can typically tell which people have it just by looking at their physique. Chocolate is one of the foods to avoid to reduce stomach fat. You should, therefore, try to remove chocolate from your diet and replace it with a healthy snack. After a period of time, you will not be able to tell why you were so addicted to chocolate in the first place. With all this said, if you must have chocolate at all costs, then try to go for the more darker chocolate rather than white chocolate. It is still bad practice, but at least you will have the best of the worst.

Next up in the list of foods that you must avoid to reduce stomach fat is butter. Did you know that nearly all butter is made up of saturated fat? This will wreak havoc on your fat burning plans and will leave you with only layers of fat as a result. Therefore, when possible, try to make use of low fat alternatives when it comes to butter. Also, mayonnaise is also a big no-no, as is vegetable margarine. Trans fats make up a big percentage of this type of margarine, and we all know the potential damage that such fats can leave on our systems.

The third and final item to avoid to reduce stomach fat is alcohol. This is a big one for most people and this can be due to a number of reasons. Most people do not understand the effect that alcohol will leave on their bodies. Let me tell you why it is bad for you and then you can decide for yourself if alcohol is worth its previous few moments of pleasure. First of all, alcohol is one of the most calories dense ‘foods’ out there. This means that you will be putting a lot of calories in your body when compared to other foods. However, the bad thing is that these calories are empty calories. This means that you will not be able to take any nutritional value from alcohol, unlike other foods. Moreover, alcohol is considered to be a toxin to the body, and thus the body will abandon all other functions to remove the alcohol from the body.

This makes alcohol one of the most important things to avoid if you want to reduce your stomach fat. This, coupled with the other two deadly foods are a must to avoid for the best fat loss available.

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