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Skipping Meals Bad for Weight Control

8/19 9:50:03

Skipping meals for weight loss- it seems like such an obvious way for rapid weight loss. But is it really the best method? Or will it have exactly the opposite effect? If you've gotten to the point where you are going to lose all the fat you need to, you'll want to know all the facts. And some of them may just surprise you.

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Back when I was still heavy I tried all the bookshelf diets:

• No Fat
• Low Fat
• No Carbs
• No Sugar

None of them had any lasting effect. So then I tried just eating one large meal a day. Frankly it left me feeling like I was starving all day. Then I went to two meals a day. This worked a little better. I actually lost a couple of pounds (before gaining it back on). But here was the odd thing- I lost weight by eating more.

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The problem with skipping meals as a method of weight loss is that is doomed to fail. Skipping meals actually slows down your metabolism. It can actually cause you to keep the pounds on. This caused me to research weight loss online and what I found really surprised me.

I started eating four smaller meals a day and combining my foods in a certain way that even though I was eating more, my weight loss increased! About that time, because of my hectic schedule, I started changing the times that I ate certain foods. I found it was possible to lose 10-11 pounds in as little as a week. Wow. This was a life changing realization. I knew that the brain produces hormones that control whether you will store calories as fat or burn them off as energy, but it stunned me to learn that simply by shifting the calories that I was consuming around, I could have such rapid weight loss. No more skipping meals for me.

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