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Weight Loss Secret

8/19 9:49:37

The combination of low fat eating and an hour of brisk walking is nothing short of diet dynamite. But walking is such a powerful weight loss method that even if you didn’t change your present eating routine, just adding two brisk, hours long walking each week would result in a ten pound weight loss within a year. A walking program doesn’t have to be intense to be intensely satisfying and effective. Here is a week’s worth of tips to get you started.

See the doctor – If you’re a sedentary person who is starting to exercise for the first time, tell your doctor that you’re planning a walking program, and ask if she any special advice for you.

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Get yourself a pair of walking shoe – It’s a small price to pay for the weight loss and health benefits you’ll be getting. Comfortable, supportive shoes not only protect you from injury but make walking a more pleasurable experience as well. Walking shoes have heels specifically designed for the angled impact of your foot on the ground, making correct walking motion easier.

Start slow – Eventually, your goal is to walk at least 30 to 40 minutes, three times a week, but for now try 5 or 10 minutes every day. It takes time to condition your muscles and your feet to walking, and sore muscles and blister may weaken your resolve. You can take several 5 minute walks a day to help build your sense of commitment to an active lifestyle. You’ll be less likely to get sore muscle or blister than you if take one long walk. In long run, walking every day won’t hurt you and will increase your fitness level.

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