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16 Weeks To 6 Pack Abs

8/19 9:49:37

According to 16 Weeks to 6-Pack Abs there are three essential ingredients to achieve the aforementioned result: Hard work, as no program can guarantee results without lifting a finger, determination to follow a sixteen work course and the right workout as following wrong workouts will not produce results and/or even lead to injury. The system uses a very simple strategy which boils down to working smarter not harder.  A lot of six pack abs building products necessitate a person to spend long hours in the gym or partake in strenuous workouts, leaving a person with no results even after a couple of weeks.  Not to mention some products that come in the form of hundreds of pages manuals that has to be followed without any guidelines to show how exactly the exercises should be performed.  

Building six pack abs relies on three fundamentals according to 16 Weeks to 6-Pack Abs and they are: resistance training, interval cardio training and supportive eating.  Individually there is a lot of information available on each of these aspects but 16 Weeks to 6-Pack abs focuses on these elements collectively and that is where the success of the system lies.  

Arnel Ricafranca is the developer of 16 Weeks to 6-Pack abs and what makes the program so remarkable is the fact that he himself developed the perfect six pack in 16 weeks whilst millions of people world wide followed his transformation on the internet.  Arnel posted his videos on the internet and people started emailing him wanting to learn about his program and that made him decide to share his secrets with others.  Unlike other exercise programs that overload a person’s brain with too much info, the program is presented in the form of 16 easy-to-follow segments.  Each video is ipod-friendly which makes it very convenient for people on the go or the videos can be burned onto DVD’s for greater exposure.

Any person with the right determination and willingness to put in some hard work to achieve the perfect six pack abs can consider this program.


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