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Can I Lose Weight By Running

8/19 9:49:25

Running is a popular way to lose weight. A lot of people take up running when they want to shed a few extra pounds. They hope that this cardio activity will help them burn off the extra fat.

And indeed, running can be very effective. However, some runners get excellent results and shed fat fast while others hardly seem to be getting anywhere. Why is that and how can you make sure that your running will help you lose the most fat?

1. You need to be able to run comfortable for a long time so comfortable shoes and clothes are a must. Your shoes and clothes can have a dramatic effect on your results so make sure to get quality running attire.

2. Try to run at a moderate incline at least part of the way. Even a small incline can mean hundreds of extra burned calories during a single job. Needless to say, it can be quite effective.

3. Try to avoid running at steep declines to avoid placing too much pressure on your knees. Too much pressure may lead to injury.

4. Include some sprinting during your jog. Sprinting has a double benefit because it contracts the stomach muscles so you get a belly stimulation as well as a cardio one.

5. Run at intervals by changing your pace every few minutes. This will help you workout your cardiovascular system at different intensities and allow you to do a more challenging workout in less time.

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Running to lose weight is something that I highly recommend as it's the way that I lost weight myself. Just follow these tips and get the best results possible.

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