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Quick Weight Loss

8/19 9:49:17

Nowadays, everyone wants everything now. The instantaneous gratification lifestyle is upon us. Fast food and other quick fixes have been the bane of our civilization for the last 20 years.

So what's wrong with a little quick weight loss?

Three Red Flags For Quick Weight Loss

Let your skin catch up with you. Depending on your age, your skin may or may not be able to realistically catch up with your progress as you go. Is it possible to lose weight quickly? Absolutely. Does it look good to have loose, hanging skin. Not exactly.

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Don't ruin your metabolism. A lot of quick weight loss is either based on metabolism enhancing pills or severe crash diets. Don't let some fly by night company convince you that the next great pill will let you lose weight and not do a thing. Remember, you hear about these companies getting sued every day. That should raise a red flag for your. Furthermore, don't drop your calorie intake to nonexistent levels. Your metabolism is what helps keep the fat off once you get to your target weight. Don't hinder it.

Know the difference between losing weight and losing body fat. Anyone can lose weight. It's usually not a tough process. However, by you letting the scale be the judge of your progress, you get into a dangerous world of "weight" measurement versus "fat" measurement. Losing water weight is easy. Just go on a low carb diet. However, this water weight loss doesn't really effect your fat stores does it? Make sure you know the difference.

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