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5 Simple Techniques to Eat Less and Lose Weight Painlessly

8/19 9:49:08

In our modern life, we've all developed bad habits that science is proving are helping to keep us all overweight.

We wake up, grab a coffee and a cereal bar, run to work, work through lunch, grab a bite with our friends for dinner or collapse on the couch with food and a sit-com – and then wonder where the extra pounds come from.

Here's 5 Tips and Techniques to help you lose weight, simply and painlessly.

Sit down and eat – just like your mom probably made you do, take the time to sit at a table and eat, even if it's the lunch room at work. Studies have shown this formality makes us more aware of our eating and we consume less calories. It applies to snacks as well, “A 2006 Canadian study found that when people ate lunch while sitting at a set table, they consumed a third less at a later snack than those who ate their midday meals while standing at a counter. “

Don't eat in front of the TV. Studies have shown that eating while watching TV distracts us from what we're doing, and makes us far more likely to continue eating when we'd normally get full. Further, if it normally would take you 20 minutes to eat and be full, but you've got a 30 minute show on, you're much more likely to continue to nibble. Simple. Besides, if you follow Tip #1 above, you're already doing this!

Slow Down. Feelings of fullness come not only from the stomach and blood sugar signals, but also from other tactile inputs to our brain like chewing. Far too often we're rushed and “shovel” our meals in. Take the time to chew slowly and enjoy the food. You'll find yourself eating less.

Limit the number of times you eat with your buddies. Guys especially are constantly comparing themselves to their buddies, and this includes appetite and ability to eat. If you're eating frequently with your buddies, you are probably over-eating beyond full, as you subconsciously 'keep up'. Go out, but chose a reasonable entree, decide how much is acceptable to eat, and pay attention.

Don't trust the menus in restaurants. Most restaurants now either have select 'healthy' entrees or an entire section dedicated to their healthy selections. These aren't necessarily the best choices on the menu. Get the nutrition guide and let that help you make decision whether the salmon salad with honey vinagrette is the best, healthiest choice!

Most of these are common-sense and all are easy to put into practice, we just needed them pointed out to us to get us thinking. Take control of your actions and get control of your weight!

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