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Lose Weight Now

8/19 9:49:03

The holidays are all about looking your best, showing gorgeous at every front door, on every occasion. While it is fun to hoof from one cocktail party to another, enjoying those sumptuous table items may kick back, hard. Maintaining your ideal weight - and fitting in those dangerously vixen items - may be difficult during the holidays. But if the occasion calls for easy ways to lose weight, here are expert-approved and safe ways to lose those extra pounds you gained along the way.

Fad Diets, Boot Camp Weight Loss Programs, Anyone? The Best Way To Lose Weight?

You've heard it before: fad diets do not work if you're gearing for long-term results. But what if you really need to lose weight fast? It's really tempting to join with boot camp programs, cabbage soup diet, and Lose 21 Pounds in 21 Days when you're thinking of easy ways to lose weight. After all, what's wrong when you've listed 'dressing in a svelte new shape' in your holiday to-do list?

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Nothing, really, as long as they do it safely, notes Dr. Michael Dansinger, the expert behind NBC's The Biggest Loser. Theoretically, both men and women can drop 20 pounds in a week when they religiously follow a 7 hour-exercise plan and an ambitious low-cal diet, according to Dansinger. But what if you have to juggle a grueling 8 to 5 schedule and a healthy family life, just like the rest of the world do?

You can safely loose up to 3 pounds in a week even if you're right at home, notes dietitian Katherine Tallmadge. Aiming to fit in a lovely dress is a great motivator to keep you going. Need to lose weight fast? Work as early as you can, don't wait for a week until the date. Keep moving.

Weight Loss Tips - Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast!

If you need to lose weight fast, you need to re-program your everyday routine with the recommended calorie expenditure program: exercise more, consume fewer calories. The bottom line of any successful weight loss program is to shake off at least 3 pounds a week. Always consult with your doctor when starting a new program.


Start with an approved low-cal diet. Fill your plates with low-cal meal. Start exercising slowly. Keep exercising daily. Set a goal to reach an hour every day. Don't confuse hunger with thirst. Drinking plenty of water is the key. Brain boredom or hunger? Check the signs: grumbling stomach and slight headache. Never skip a meal. Eat at least 3 times a day.

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