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Help Me Lose Weight

8/19 9:49:02

As the year is slowly winding down, it will soon be time for New Year resolutions again. After all the indulgence in food over the holiday, most peoples plan will be to lose weight starting after January 1 thereby giving themselves the license to eat as much as they could before January. Well, the problem is most people do not follow through and those extra calories consumed at the end of the year just get packed with the rest.

However, there is a remedy to this, a call to action. You have to start your New Year resolution today. There is nothing new in the techniques to lose weight, the body has remained the same, and weight gain still depends on this simple equation food intake does not equal to calorie output, no matter what rationalization people use to justify their weight gain. The fast order of business as you decide to lose weight and start your New Year's resolution today are these:

• Consult your doctor
• Weigh yourself daily
• Put in enough work
• Mix it up
• Cut down on calories
• Drink plenty of water

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Consult your doctor first

I have seen a lot of people that thought that they were in good shape, looked like they were in good shape too, but once they hit the gym or jumped on that bike, the whole body just unraveled. At least see your doctor first for a complete physical before you move forward. This is different from not having the stamina when you start; this is to make sure that your system is fine, especially with circulation.

Weigh yourself daily
This might sound silly, but that is the only way you can figure out how you are doing with your weight. I must warn you though, that when you start exercising, initially your scale appears to be broken. Either it does not move or actually goes up. Most people get discouraged that after running all those miles the scale did not show any weight loss. Just think about a sculptor. It takes several blows to crack a rock, but each blow brings her closer to getting the job done. Same applies to losing weight

Put in enough work

Register with a gym or develop an exercise regimen that will work for you for example brisk working, running, cycling, spinning, swimming etc, but remember consistency is the key. Make sure you get some exercise done at least 3 times a week. Whenever you exercise, just don't go through the motions, do enough work to break out in a sweat and make it worthwhile for you. I see a lot of people do some form of exercise trying to lose weight and do not stimulate the body enough to burn calories. It's like working hard and at the end of the day you have nothing to show for it.

Mix it up

Do not restrict your exercise to just one type over the other. Make sure that you mix both weight lifting and cardio. An ideal situation will be to split the time you have for exercise in half and the first half, you lift weights and the second half you work on cardio, or vice versa. Muscles tend to burn more calories, so stimulating your muscles will have them working on your fat cells even when you are not working out.

Cut down on calories
Some people say that they are just big and that's the way it is, but please do not buy into that. Although some individuals are genetically predisposed to add weight especially if they have overweight family members, at the end of the day it's still about the input. The quality of what you eat.

When you don't eat, you lose calories, eventually whither away, but you cannot do that. You still need to provide your body enough calories to keep it going, but not too much to be laid down or stored as fat. Eat liberal amounts of vegetables and fruits and watch the carbohydrates you consume. Invest in some smaller plates and do not eat more than one serving of whatever you are eating using a smaller plate.

If the meal does not do it, fill up on vegetables and fruits and top it up with water. Eat small frequent meals, about six a day and not three big meals a day. At night eat early or very light. The reason for this is that at night you go to bed and most of the calories consumed is not used up since you are sleeping and then get stored as fat.

Drink plenty of water
People get confused when they are told to drink plenty of water. The best approach to this is to substitute any beverage you drink with water. Instead of reaching for that can of soda, or latte or whatever it is you drink, replace that with water. Coffee (regular) not lattes or tea is not bad if it works for you, but drinking water provides more benefit to you, it helps with metabolism and does not add any calories to your system.

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