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Reduce Body Fat

8/19 9:48:58

Multitudes of articles and advertisements exist on the subject of weight loss and, more specifically, burning fat. From diet pills to surgery, nearly every option comes with a cost. By following these three easy steps, you will not only ensure fat loss but also with little financial burden.

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Step 1: Regular, Controlled Feedings

Most people only eat two-to-three times each day. This is not enough; each time you feed, your metabolism peaks, causing your body to burn more fat. By the time three hours pass after you eat, your metabolism has tanked and your body has all but ceased the fat burning process. Make sure that you eat controlled portions--do not eat the usual portions you are used to six-to-eight times each day. Instead, consume less food per serving.

Step 2: More Reps, Less Weight

Strength training is important to burning fat and losing weight. By lifting weights, your body directs the calories you consume to rebuilding muscle instead of turning to fat. However, when you do lift, make sure that you keep the weight low (not too low) and the repetitions high. For instance, if you normally bench press 100 Ibs five times, try to lift 50 Ibs 10 or more times. Also, increasing the speed of your repetitions will also help you burn fat.

Step 3: Cardio, Cardio, Cardio

After you lift weights, make sure you do at least 20 minutes of cardio. You can run, jog, jump rope or utilize a cardio machine like a treadmill or exercise bike. Most cardio machines can measure your heart rate. Ensure that you stay in the fat burn zone instead of the cardiovascular zone. The former is for people who wish to burn fat and lose weight, the second is for those who wish to perform extended (marathon runners, mixed martial artists, etc).

By following these three steps, you will burn fat more quickly and efficiently. While most people want to simply "lose weight," they overlook the fact that working out will build muscle which weighs more than fat. True, most people who just started working out will lose weight, but they key to a slimmer figure and healthier lifestyle is in fat loss and not necessarily weight loss.

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