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Burning Calories - Fat Loss For Idiots

8/19 9:48:44

As the saying goes, all is fair in love and war, and that especially applies in the battle to reduce weight. One of the diet programs, Fat Loss For Idiots, covers some interesting techniques. If you are capable of fooling our body to "tweak" its natural metabolic tendencies, you can achieve some remarkable breakthroughs in weight loss. Experts say that in order to lose weight you need to manipulate the types of calorie intake during each meal you eat every day.

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If you succeed in manipulating the basic three calories over an averaged days diet plan, you stand a very fair chance of reducing excess numbers, and reduce the need for other and more radical weight loss methods.

As we all know, there three types of calories running as follows:

- Proteins
- Carbohydrates
- Fats

Manipulating the level of fat calories is not necessary. What is important is to balance the proteins and carbohydrates in your daily food intake. In order to do this you will be required to understand how to separate these two categories. Bellow is a brief list of each of the principal foods in each one.



Lean Roast Beef Cottage Cheese (low fat) Eggs (scrambled, hard-boiled) Broiled Flounder (non breaded) Tofu Products (non breaded) Soya Products (non breaded) Egg Salad (use non fat mayo) Chicken (Skinless) Turkey (Lean) Ham (Lean) Broiled Halibut (non breaded) Broiled Orange Tuna Salad ( remember to use non fat mayo) Mixed Nuts (salted or unsalted)
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Mixed Salad (only lettuce, tomatoes, and veggies allowed with a low call dressing) Bread (should be "oat" or "bran" type bread only) Mixed Vegetables (fresh or frozen) Fresh Apples Fresh Pears Fresh Peaches Fresh Plums Fresh Kiwi Fruit Fresh Grapefruit Fresh Oranges Fresh Apricots


Using this simple breakdown guide it shouldn't be too difficult for the avid dieter to plan an interesting and varied diet plan, over a three or four day cycle, eating four meals a day. By successfully manipulating your calorie intake, you should reach a point where your excess calorie intake is next to nothing. This technique is described in great details in the Fat Loss For Idiots [http://fatlossforidiotsonline.com] book.

One aspect that must be taken into account is your average energy expenditure. If you are more physically active at weekends, for example, you could alter your diet to increase calories, and if your schedule does not allow for too much exercise during your working week, then again your calorie intake will need to be adjusted to take this into account.

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