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Foods to eat to lose weight healthy food habits losing weight

8/19 9:48:42

Hey! Did you make the right healthy food choices to help keep your weight down? If you didn't, it's one of the reasons why we gain all the weight we do. It's also why we can't get those pounds off and keep them off.

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These 5 tips will guide you in making the right food choices for you.

1. Fruits
One of the healthiest foods you can consume are fruits. It's important for you to eat at least two cups per day. Furthermore, if you vary your selection you are more likely to continue to eat your fruits each day.

One thing you can do to increase the variety is to drink all natural fruit juices. However, you should make sure not to over indulge in fruit juice.

2. Eating Fresh Meat

As you know meat is one of the primary sources of protein. Moderation in portion sizes is the key to keeping your weight under control and eating healthy.

Depending on your calorie intake a portion should be from 4 to 5 oz. It is important for the meat to be as lean as possible. Furthermore by baking, grilling or broiling the majority of the grease will drain away from the meat.

You will find by substituting such foods as nuts, fish and beans you will be able to get the necessary proteins and eat healthier.

3. Milk Products

Children need calcium to strengthen their bones. In fact the human body needs calcium to stay healthy. However, many folks are lactose intolerant and have to substitute Soy products and others for their calcium content.

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You can further contribute to your healthy food choices by using dairy products which have little or no fat in them. Yogurt is a great alternative for getting calcium and helping you lose weight.

4. Veggies

Without argument vegetables are at the top of the list for healthy food choices. Great for helping control your weight but still keeping you healthy; with the right nutrition's and vitamins your body needs.

5. Whole Grains

A well balanced diet to help you stay healthy should include 6 oz. of grains. Sounds bad, doesn't it. But its easy, just have some cereal. Today's whole grain cereals are much tastier than the cereals of old.

Another great way to get your necessary fruit and grains is to mix them together. You add flavor and variety to the mix.

If you are a bread lover try to choose whole grain bread. Once again, the whole grain breads of today are much easier to eat and enjoy.

Now here is a extra tip just for you. Stay away from the foods that contain a large percentage of trans fats, increased levels of sodium and saturated fat. Take the few extra seconds necessary to check the ingredients on the labels of the containers.

One last thing. Be sure and add some exercises, even just taking a walk. When you go the extra mile and include physical exercise with your healthy food choice; you will be even healthier and keep your weight under control.

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