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Weight-loss drugs: Can a prescription help you lose weight

8/19 9:48:42

What is Alli?

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Alli is a weight loss drug that is available over-the-counter from most pharmacies or online. It is the only Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved weight loss product that can be accessed without a prescription.

How Does Alli Work?

When food is eaten, enzymes in the body break down the fats to be absorbed and stored. When alli capsules are taken with a meal, it blocks the activity of these enzymes so that about 25% of the fat in the food cannot be absorbed. Because the body is not getting as much fat, it will need to use what it has in reserve for energy, which causes weight loss.

Is weight loss really easy with alli?

Alli is not a quick fix for weight loss. It is meant to be combined with a reduced-calorie, low-fat diet and increased exercise. When alli is purchased for the first time, a starter kit is included which contains a guide for healthy eating and there is an optional 12-month behavioural support program which can be completed online or through the mail.

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Does Alli REALLY work?

How much weight is lost using alli depends on who is using it and how well they adhere to their full diet and exercise program. Some clinical trials have shown that the weight loss achieved by people who use alli is 50% more than what they would lose with just dieting and exercise alone. So yes, Alli Weight Loss does really work. However, others claim that the amount of weight loss achieved by patients taking alli was minimal at about 1 pound per month. Also, it has been found that people may gain the weight back once they stop using alli.

Is using the Alli drug pill dangerous?

With the use of any drug, there can be unpleasant side effects. Because alli blocks the absorption of fat, it passes through the body and may come out in the form of frequent gas with oily spotting, loose stools and more frequent and uncontrollable bowel movements. This will worsen if the meal eaten contains more than 15 grams of fat and may be triggered by particular foods. In addition, limiting absorption of food has the potential to cause deficiencies in certain fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K. For some populations such as the elderly, the younger, pregnant and lactating women, the effects of alli are unknown and should be avoided. Other medications could interact with alli and so a doctor should be consulted before beginning a weight loss plan that involves the use of alli as a tool.

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