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Lose Weight Permanently - Eat Slowly

8/19 9:48:35

You have started a new diet and you realise that it is time to get that weight under control. You know it is hard but you are determined to try. But you still love your food and cannot control the urge to eat as fast as ever. You will fail if do not change this habit. Eat slowly.

Thin people eat slowly in general. It takes anything up to 20 minutes for the brain to recognize the feeling of satiation after eating before your body is cognizant of this fact. This means that when your stomach is full, your brain has not yet told you about this fact. You will continue to eat which is not only a bad habit but is also likely to see you consume an extra 100 to 200 calories per meal. That is not a good habit to continue.

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You can still enjoy eating. Take the time you need to fully enjoy and eat your food. Try to eat things that have a wholesome flavour or interesting textures, looks and smells. Food can be exciting if you want it to be. Then you enjoy the process of eating rather than the quick satiety you previously desired. Before long you will become accustomed to this new way of thinking and, therefore, the new way of eating.

There are ways you can eat more slowly. First, tell yourself you are going to do it. Make the effort and don't expect to finish before others. Chat and talk while you are eating. Chew your food for longer and put your knife and fork down whilst your are chewing. Eats slowly, lose weight more quickly.

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