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Medifast Diet – Never Go Hungry While Losing Weight

8/19 9:48:20

For some reason, you find yourself feeling a little low these days. Both literally and figuratively, you feel a little heavy. You find yourself gasping for air after climbing a short flight of stairs. You also notice that the occasional lazy afternoons start to become more frequent – perhaps more frequent than you want them to. What could possibly be happening?

Here’s what, you are probably getting overweight.

Just like most people, you are not happy with what is happening. But for some reason, you just cannot stop eating. You cannot control the urge to munch on something delicious, tasty and comforting. And now that you have realized that you have to lose weight, you find yourself getting sad as it means saying goodbye to your comfort food and saying hello to being hungry.

Then again, whoever said that being hungry equates to losing weight is wrong. On the contrary, most licensed physicians would say that skipping meals does not help in to shedding off some pounds. This is because when you skip meals, your body adapts by making your metabolism slower. And, with a slow metabolism, your body will find it harder to burn calories and fat.

Always remember, dieting does not mean that you have to give up on food altogether. It only means that you have to eat the food that you really need. And when we say “food that you need” that means lean, green and healthy meals that give you all the nutrients that you need less the unnecessary calories and fat content.

In addition, when you are trying to lose weight, it is always wise to keep your food intake based on the amount of calories you need daily. The number of calories you need daily usually depend on certain parameters such as your height, current weight and of course the activities that you usually do.

Now here is the thing. While dieting sounds easy, why do some people fail?

The answer is quite simple. The quit because they feel deprived of the food that they want to eat.  

But if you think about it, is deprivation really an issue?

No it is not. You can still remain full and keep eating the desserts that you like with a Medifast diet.

Medifast is meal replacement program that works on a 5&1 principle. In this program, you will be encouraged to eat six small meals a day instead of three. Five of those are prepackaged Medifast meals of your choice and the last one is the lean and green meal that you prepare yourself or get from your favorite restaurant if you wish.

Ok, hold off that thought. Like most people, you are probably thinking that the meal items from Medifast are those bland and dry food that come in instant packs right? Well, you are wrong. Because Medifast believes that “dieters” should eat good food too, they made sure their meals are not only healthy but scrumptious as well. Chocolate bars, pudding, milk shakes, chili and cheese puffs are a few of their best – sellers. As long as you remain good by following the program, you can lose approximately 2 to 5 pounds in a week!

You thought that’s all? Wait to hear about this. Medifast meals fit your budget. Shakes for example can go as low as $15.50 per 7 servings! In addition to that, you can also take advantage of Medifast coupons that they usually give to regular customers.

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