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Fast Weight Loss - Is It For You

8/19 9:48:19

Obesity is one of the fastest growing epidemics in our modern world. We as a society are on the fast track constantly. We hurry to work. We hurry home. We hurry our meals because we have things to do…kids to practice….television to watch…and the list goes on. In the process we eat at Macy D’s, Pizza Hut, and dozens of other fast food places. When we fix dinner at home many times it is a processed pop in the microwave meal. And along with all of this comes the fat.

We are experiencing more and more problems due to obesity. Heart disease and diabetes both have factors arising from obesity. And your knees hurt… you have trouble breathing…. your back hurts……and the list continues. Our hospitals are having to buy special beds and equipment to care for the obese. Obesity is killing us.

As a society we frown on obesity and most of us being used to everything being quick want to lose that weight quickly. We will try everything we can to lose weight and conform to society’s view of the beautiful person. But is it safe to lose the weight fast?

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Fast weight loss can be as dangerous as the excess weight. It can mess up your body’s delicate balance of electrolytes and other things that keep us going. Yes, you can lose weight quickly and most usually a quick weight loss means a gain of those pounds back in a few days or weeks.

To lose weight safely it needs to be done over a period of time in a safe and sustained manner. Those charlatans selling the snake oil will try to get you to buy every pill or chemical out there to help you lose those excess pounds.

What you need is a plan for sustained weight loss. You need to look at your diet. You need an exercise program. As you start the weight loss program find yourself a buddy to do it with you. It makes it easier if you have the help of someone else. Your exercise program should be something you enjoy. Walking on a treadmill gets real boring real fast. Go to the park and enjoy the sounds and smells of nature as you walk.

A good support system of friends and family who can tell you how good you are doing and how good you look will drive you on as well. We all like praise and that support system will help with that. Set a short term goal and give yourself a reward. Say you have 50 pounds to lose. Set your short term goal at 15 pounds and when you get there treat yourself to something you really enjoy eating but don’t go overboard.

To really lose weight you need to develop your plan and stick to it. Most quick weight loss claims are strictly hype and you need reality.

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