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Dr Suzanne Gudakunst Top Secret Fat Loss Secret Review

8/19 9:48:03

If you are looking for solution to your weight problem, you've probably come across Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst's latest ebook called "Top Secret Fat Loss Secret". There is so much buzz around this book that makes you wonder if it is a magic program to end your weight problem. I mean, who doesn't want to be thin, live longer, and look younger? According to the salespage, Dr. Gudakunst can help you to achieve all of the above! Well, before you shell out your hard earned money to buy this book, please read this article as I am about to exposed the truth behind this book:

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There's no "secret" inside this book! The book is OK, but there's nothing new you didn't already know about weight loss and sound nutrition: regular exercise, portion control, avoid process foods, take organic fruits and veggies etc. You can find out the relevant information from internet with simple search, instead of paying $57 to receive the information. If you are interested to read more on healthy weight loss, I highly recommend official websites of WebMD and Mayo Clinic. The detox gimmick: The book emphasize that you must do colon and liver cleanse every 3 to 4 months to "clean" the toxins inside your body. This cannot be further from truth! According to reputable medical experts, detox cannot remove the toxins accumulated in your colon or other body parts. In fact, your colon is very efficient in natural cleansing. If you wish to improve bowel movement, you should drink 8 glass of water and consume at least 25mg of fiber everyday. 
Click Here to Get Best Fat Burning Furnace Guide Now! Lack of clinical studies: Dr. Gudakunst claims that her diet plan work, but I failed to find any clinical studies directly related to her plan. At such, the long term safety and effectiveness of the plan are not known. I was reading a forum thread at scam.com, a member said that Gudakunst is not a medical doctor. Instead, she's a chiropractor from Atlanta. I cannot verify this statement. However, if Dr Gudakunst is really a "world-famous TV lady doctor" (as advertised), I would really love to know more about her background, i.e. her qualification and experience in medical fields.


Some people may argue that they have read a lot of positive review all over the net about Dr Suzanne Gudakunst "Top Secret Fat Loss Secret". If you take a closer look of these reviews, most are written by affiliates who are promoting the book for a 50% commission. At such, do you think they have your best interest in mind? In addition, I dare say most of them have not lost weight by following this diet plan. If you have bought the book, I urge you to get your refund as soon as possible.

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