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Fat Reduction

8/19 9:47:56

It seems everyone is looking for the easy way out with a fad diet here and miracle pills from over there, but what if I told you that you can fool your own body into helping you burn fat faster. Interested? Read on for 3 different ways that you can safely and effectively fool your body to burn fat faster.

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Make Your Body Think it is Starving

This little trick is a lot easier to do than it sounds - and you do not need to actually starve yourself (a very bad, don't even think about it, idea). Your body does the major portion of communication with chemicals called hormones, that when released signals the body to do something, and in this case, all we have to do to fool your body and get it to send the "I'm starving - burn fat" signal is to cut your carbohydrate intake by 50 to 100 grams per day. This will tell your body to use fat that is stored in the body for normal energy requirements.

Trigger the Mind - Stomach Connection

Your stomach has sensors in it that will signal the brain when they are stretched that tell the brain "Hey, I'm full down here, you can stop eating now!" One of the primary reasons that people fail in their attempts to burn fat and lose weight is because they are hungry all the time. Here is a way to fool both your mind and your stomach into sending the "I'm full" signal and that is to eat more leafy green vegetable, such as spinach, kale and lettuce, as well as more fibrous vegetables like broccoli, asparagus and Brussels sprouts. All of these vegetables, besides being good for your health, have a lot more bulk than calories, and since your stomach sensors detect volume, and not calories, your stomach gets full, sends your brain the signal to stop eating and you burn more fat because you are eating less calories. Another bonus effect of this plan is that you send your brain a big psychological signal when you sit down to eat a plate that is mounded high with these low calorie vegetables, so you think and feel full.

Tell Your Body to Build Muscle

Getting your body to build muscle will increase your metabolism which burns more fat. Your body gets chemical signals for protein synthesis (key to muscle building) from amino acids found in foods high in protein. By eating more protein, you are sending the signal to your body to build muscle, which boosts your metabolism, which is your best fat burning tool you will find anywhere. 

3 fat burning ways to fool your body into helping your lose weight: eat more green veggies and protein, and eat less carbohydrates and you will be helping to turn your own body into a fat burning machine.

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