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I Want To Lose Weight

8/19 9:47:51

Well, there is no need to fret for all is not lost. If you sign up for any of the many popular weight loss programs that are advertised, there is guarantee that you will end up losing quite a substantial amount of weight. And most of these weight loss programs do work.

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However, when researchers conducted a test on these various weight loss programs that are advertised in the internet and which always try to uphold their own virtues by downplaying or maligning the other weight loss plans and programs, they found that most of these weight loss programs are the same as far as their efficacy is concerned and they all produce the same results. There are some people who can lose weight by this but there will also be others who cannot lose weight from various programs.

The overall rate of success of these weight loss programs which are always competing with each other is more or less the same. And the most humorous part is that these programs all fail at the same hurdle in spite of making really tall claims.

When you start off or enroll in a weight loss program that has been hyped up to the sky, you will start losing weight fast and for the first 10 days or 14 days, you will be losing weight at a rapid pace. And then suddenly you will hit the dreaded plateau and most weight watchers claim that during this plateau fat loss slackens down or dwindles, slowly becomes stagnant or stops completely! And the obese individual gets stuck at that point in spite of continuing with the exercise program and controlled diet.

This happens because the body gets habituated to the rigor through which it is put and adjusts itself to the new routine and the metabolic process slows down. You have to be cleverer than nature to be able to trick the body into losing weight. You have to alter the diet regimen and your exercise schedule every now and then to keep the metabolic process active at all times. Without following this step then you will always wonder why you cannot lose weight.

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