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The Fat Flush Diet Plan

8/19 9:46:50

The Fat Flush diet plan is written by Ann Louise Gittleman who has also authored several other books on detox diets and nutrition as well. Although the name leaves something to be desired, if the plan works it really doesn't matter what you call it. So, how does the Fat Flush plan stack up?

It's important to keep in mind that Fat Flush is not simply a diet plan; it is also a detoxification diet that claims to clean out your body of impurities and help it to function at a healthier level.

Like its counterpart, the South Beach Diet, this plan features 3 different phases.

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Phase 1 - This is the initial phase that shocks your body and helps you lose the water weight. Your daily calorie limit is set at 1200 and you are not allowed to eat foods such as bread, cereal, dairy items, grains, sugar and many others.

Phase 2 - After the initial few weeks in phase 1, you will go to the ongoing phase of the Fat Flush diet plan. During this phase your calorie limit is raised to 1200-1500.

Phase 3 - This is the maintenance part of the plan to help you maintain your weight loss from the earlier phases.

It is also important to note that the Fat Flush diet plan calls for a significant amount of time in exercising. Significant as in 30-40 minutes per day. This includes walking as well as strength building. So you will need to schedule your plans accordingly. For many time starved people this just won't be possible.

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The Fat Flush Verdict

The Fat Flush diet plan has been successful for many people and it promotes healthy eating habits as well as daily exercise. This in itself is what we all need, but there are also some drawbacks with this plan as well.

With the low calorie restrictions and high level of exercising that the plan requires it will be extremely taxing on your body to maintain staying on the plan.

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