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Lose Weight And Burn Fat Fast With These 7 Workout Tips

8/19 9:46:47

To lose weight and burn fat fast, you need to know the right combination of sets, repetitions, rest periods, and exercises and the best method of cardio for your workouts.

With these 7 tips, you can create workouts that keep your body's fat-burning furnace blasting all day long.

1. Perform 2 - 4 Sets Per Exercise
While doing more sets boosts your fat-burning hormone levels, there is a cutoff - there is no difference between doing 4 and 6 sets. 2 - 4 sets is optimal for speeding fat loss, depending on your current level of fitness.

For example, you'll want to use the low side of this range when you're just starting out, and increase the number of sets as you become better conditioned.

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2. Do 8 - 15 Repetitions Per Set
Research shows that performing sets of 8 - 15 repetitions stimulates the greatest increase in fat-burning hormones, provided you use a weight that provides an adequate challenge.

You want to give between 90 - 100 percent of your full effort for any given rep range. A good gauge of this is that you start to struggle by your last rep.

3. Shorten Your Resting Time In-Between Sets
By keep your recovery time short, though, and you'll keep your lactate and fat-burning hormones levels high. That means more fat is burned while you rest. By resting no longer than 75 seconds in-between sets, you can accelerate your fat loss.

4. Do Full-Body Weight Workouts
By training your whole body, you'll work the most muscle possible and burn a greater percentage of calories from your fat stores. You'll also get a boost in metabolism even after your workout.

Focus on big-muscle exercises such as bench presses, power cleans, and squats. Complete full-body weight workouts 2-3 times a week, resting a day between sessions.

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5. Do Alternating Sets
Alternating sets allows one group of muscles to rest while another group works. This helps offset fatigue and ensures you give your best effort to each set.

After each set of exercise, Rest, then follow with another set that work muscles that were NOT involved in the previous set. For example, you might pair an upper-body exercise with a lower-body move, or an exercise that works your chest muscles with one that hits your back.

6. Slow Down Your Lifting Tempo
Controlling the speed at which you raise and lower the weight, forces your muscles to work their hardest on every repetition. Take 3 seconds to lower the weight, pause for 1 second, before lifting it.

7. Do Interval Training
Sprinting challenges your lower-body muscles as hard as weight training. By doing intervals on the days you don't lift weights, you can spike your metabolism and accelerate fat loss. Do short sprints of 30 seconds or more, interspersed with slow jogs.

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