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The 30 Minute Fat Burning Workout

8/19 9:46:39

Any fat burning workout must be simple, enjoyable and most importantly must benefit you. You must be able to do it virtually anywhere and the goal must be to stimulate your metabolism as efficiently as possible. The human body will adapt to any exercise routine in about 4-6 weeks, so just carry on as you may find it difficult for the first few days.

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Do you know that brisk walking is definitely not enough to stimulate fat loss? But if you add more intensive 30-minute fat burning workout like power walking it will definitely help a lot more. Thousands of doctors recommend power walking as walking at a faster speed than normal helps the body burn more calories and at the same time helps to increase the oxygen level of the cells. One of the benefits of power walking is that it not only speeds up the body metabolism but it also strengthens and tones the upper and lower leg muscles as well as the gluts.

Now it's time to start the workout. To get started with power walking do it in short intervals until you get used to brisk pace.

Few Tips and Techniques:

* If you want to lose weight easily, you'll need to change your daily step into a powerful, muscle-building pace. Most people try to pace their walk by taking longer steps, which is wrong, as it is less efficient and will make you tired more easily. To do this correctly, you will want to think about finishing on your heels, continuing through your instep and then pushing off with your toes.

* Do not constantly stare at your feet instead keep your head held high, lift your chin, and direct your focus about 10 feet in front of you. This will benefit you to see the ground while still keeping your head and neck in the right position.

* Swing your arms, as it will help you to burn more calories, walk faster, and work the muscles in your upper body. Remember to keep your arms close to your body and then swing your arms that go down to your waist, up to your chest and back again.

* Keep your abs tight as this will help to keep your spine straight and give you good posture as you walk and it will also help tighten your tummy. Also, to make your butt firm keep them tight as you walk.

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* To help increase your pace assume as if you're late to your office or pretend like you can win a million dollar prize if you can just finish in time.

* Last but not least, make this fat burning workout fun. Bring along a cd player or Mp3 player to keep entertained or power walking along with your partner is also a great way to keep entertained.

Your Daily Schedule for 30 Minutes:

* For first 3 minutes warm up slowly
* Next 3-5 minutes increase to a moderate pace
* Next 5-8 minutes speed up and lengthen your stride
* Next 8-10 minutes do walking lunges
* Next 10-12 minutes walk at moderate pace
* Next 12-17 minutes alternate 30 seconds fast with 30 seconds moderate
* Next 17-18 minutes repeat walking lunges
* Next 18-20 minutes is recover period
* Next 20-26 minutes alternate 1 minute fast with 1-minute moderate
* Finally from 26-30 minutes slow pace to cool down

Call it race-walking or speed walking or power walking, this 30-minute fat burning workout is a cheap, convenient, calorie burning and joint-friendly. It can be done almost anywhere and it is practically free. You don't need a gym membership or a lot of fancy equipment, just a good pair of shoes and maybe a heart rate monitor. You may have seen this style of walking if you watch Olympics, but it is a good exercise for anyone.

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