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Fat Loss & Weight Training Myths

8/19 9:46:39

While much of the focus with many people has been on fat loss and getting that six pack, more and more people are starting to focus more on their backside - particularly women. Whomever you idolize, be it Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, or someone else, there's no denying that forming the glute muscles does enhance one's appearance.

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Getting a great behind involves two steps, first getting on a good fat loss program so that body fat isn't covering the muscles and secondly, developing the muscles themselves.

This calls for an intensive strategy that will utilize both cardio and weight training.

Cardio For Better Glutes

The first thing to focus is going to be cardio.

Now, in order to optimize this factor, consider doing uphill walking (or running if you can). This is going to work the glutes a great deal more than walking on a flat surface would. Be sure when you do this you are thinking about pulling the body forward by using the glute and hamstring muscles, rather than putting too much emphasis on the quads.

Whatever you do, do not do too much flat surface running. This will tend to create a 'flat bottom', which is exactly what we're trying to avoid.

Weight Lifting Movements

Next up, you have your weight lifting movements.

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The first exercise that's really going to work those muscles is a lunge. When doing these, you really want to think on lengthening the step you use, as this will place more emphasis on the back muscles - which is exactly what we're going for.

When you step too closely, you're working predominately quad muscles.

Full Squats

Next up, another big exercise you want to focus on for insuring that you get maximum behind development are full squats. When I say full squats, I mean your bum is almost touching the ground. Going to only ninety degrees is really going to short you of the results you could be getting.

Only those with knee pain should be omitting this movement from their workouts.

Exercise Ball Hamstring Curls

Finally, the last movement to consider adding to your lower body workout to really push those glutes their max is hamstring curls on an exercise ball.

To do these, place feet up on an exercise ball while back is flat to the floor. After that, raise the hips up and then begin curling the ball underneath the body.

So, make getting better glutes one of your main goals. With persistence and dedication, you can achieve the goals you are hoping to make with this muscle.

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