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Weight Loss & Diet

8/19 9:46:34

If you have an event coming up soon that you need to slim for, be it a wedding, party, night out with friends, a fancy dinner, a work event or anything else you could possibly do to occupy your evening, then fatloss4idiots could be the diet that you need.

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Do you have more than 11 days until your big night or day? Well then, it is time to have a look at this plan. The promise here is that you will lose 9 pounds in 11 days. This is a plan that you can keep ding over and over, so if you have started early then you could be a lot lighter for your special event.

The Fatloss4Idiots diet is designed around the premise that even the most unknowledgeable person in this field can carry out the plan and get to their weight loss goal. It sounds really simple and easy, and it is.

If you like to read and have clearly laid out plans then the handbook that you get when you sign up to fatloss4idiots will be a treat for you. With all the top strategies encased in it and tips on how to maximise your weight loss, you will find it easy to follow. If you don't like manuals such as this then maybe try another plan that is more to your taste.

The trick behind the fatloss4idiots diet is not that it is a low carb plan, a low calorie plan or a low fat plan. In fact you can eat what you like. The strategy put in to play here is a thing called calorie shifting.

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For those unfamiliar with how regular diets work and why they stop, it is all to do with the metabolism. Because you cut down on food your metabolism at first burns any calories you eat faster, but then it gets wise to your tricks and adjusts itself. Your body is the secret saboteur here; it is your metabolism that makes you hit that dieting wall. With calorie shifting this is different. The name comes from the fact that you constantly shift the amount of calories you eat. After several days you eat either more or less, and so your body does not have time to adjust and stop you losing weight.

The eating plan you can follow is made for you with the online diet generator, and it includes all the foods you like as you select them at the beginning. No more trying to force down foods you hate because they are part of the plan, this diet is better suited to the individual.

The claim here is that by following a regime such as this, alongside use of the tips in the handbook, you will lose 9 pounds in 11 days. This sounds a little too good to be true, but the site offers a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not happy. So try it, and if it doesn't work you have not lost anything.

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