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Is It Possible to Lose Weight Really Fast? Some Tips to Consider Losing Weight Really Fast?

8/19 9:46:33

Have you ever tried to Lose Weight Really Fast?  Just imagine for a moment, that you are at your ideal weight and have a lean and slim body. How would you feel?

If you are like me you would feel a surge of positive energy flowing from in side and you would feel so confident and capable of achieving anything you set your sights on. This is the effect of a lean and slim body with the ideal weight. It has a overall effect on your self esteem and every thing else you achieve in your life is related to this self esteem and confidence.

So why not make a resolution this New Year to get at your ideal weight. If you are like most of us there would be no doubt that you have already made this resolution several times in previous years.

Where did you go wrong? Why couldn’t you lose weight after so much of trying? You may be already blaming yourself, but wait: don’t blame yourself because you are not alone here. There are so many of us in your boat.

Losing Weight Really Fast is not impossible as most of us are taught to believe. The Weight Loss industry has become a multi billion dollar business selling you the next breakthrough pill, diet or some chemical formula. But did you ever stop to think, what they are really after? They are here to grab your money and keep you fat so that they could make you a pray for their next pill or formula.

Losing weight is a natural process and it is already known to most of you.  But, since we are used to instant gratification we want to lose 50lbs in 3 days and this is where we fall in to trouble. We lose our money on various products promising us the sun and moon. But delivering nothing.

Like in every other thing in life, we should have patience when it comes to losing weight. If we follow the basic knowledge that we already may have heard a thousand times but just put it a side because it does not bring instant gratification to us.

The first thing in losing weight is to have a balanced breakfast. It should include low fat milk, fruits high in fiber and whole grain cereal. If you are unable to have your breakfast at least try to have something to eat while driving, like a club sandwich or so, but better avoid cookies for breakfast.

Having a snack on the go is a good habit. There is some opinion against this,. but contrary to popular opinion, eating between the three major meals wouldn't hurt as long as you don’t eat too much at a particular time. Snacks can suppress your hunger so you don't overeat during the major meals. The ideal snacks would be small slices of apples, nuts, and graham crackers.

Contrary to the old school of thought that fats should be kept away when on a weight loss regime, unsaturated fat has been given the green light by some recent scientific studies. Cutting on fat completely will make the body to increase the production of Insulin, which in turn makes you more hungry and wanting to consume more food. Consuming unsaturated fat can repel this effect.

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