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Change In Mindset Will Burn More Fat Fast ©

8/19 9:46:18

Most people that I talk to about health and fitness talk about “getting in shape”.   But I don’t think they realize that their words are actually counterproductive to their aspirations of burning fat.  You hear a lot of people lamenting about being out of shape and saying, “I need to get in shape and burn fat”, or, “I want to get in shape and burn fat.”  What you don’t hear them saying is, “I want to get in shape, burn fat, and stay that way.”

They may want to stay in shape, but their mindset is focused on getting in shape.  This makes you more susceptible to the fad diets and latest exercise gimmick on the market.  You’re so focused on getting in shape that you’ll try almost anything regardless of how silly or difficult to follow it might seem, because you’re entirely focused on the short term goal.

A simple change in the “quick fix” mindset to one of long term success will steer you down the correct path.  You’ll be less enticed by the late night TV hype, and more focused on doing the right things most of the time.  Wouldn’t you agree that life long health and fitness is what’s most important?

Of course creating an environment in your body that allows you to burn fat fast is essential to this goal.  A person who is in shape in their 50s and 60s is a lot more impressive to me than someone who is lean and fit in their 20s and 30s. That’s because the dedication to maintaining the proper exercise plan and a sensible nutrition strategy for the rest of your life is rare to find.  It’s a rare mindset.

If you really want to transform your physique and your health for good, you must make it a lifestyle, a habit.  And that starts in your mind.  That’s what the people who are lean for life do.  In fact, if I think about all of the people I personally know that are in great shape and have been for a while, I start to understand that they have their minds on staying in shape.

They think about it day and night, not obsessively, but with each thing they do…they subconsciously think, “Is this going to positively or negatively impact my long term health and fitness?”. "Am I doing everything I reasonable can to burn fat and live a healthy lifestyle?".

The good news is that research shows you can develop simple habits like those involved in eating and exercising properly in under a month…sometimes even sooner.  And with the type of exercise and diet tips I recommend to my Fat Burning Furnace students, you don’t need o give up your life’s pursuits so that you are working out every day,  nor do you need to follow a wacky diet you can’t reasonably make a lifestyle out of.

And after a few months of practicing these methods, I’ve found that your body will start telling you it wants to keep exercising and eating right…you just won’t feel right with out it.  Why?  Because your body naturally wants to be healthy and lean.

So I urge you to forgo the “get in shape” mindset, and instead embrace the idea of staying in shape and creating that fat burning furnace that is so essential to life long health and fitness.

Imagine yourself in the body of your dreams, today, tomorrow, and 5, 10, 20 or more years from now.  What will you be doing then, in your lean, strong, and healthy body?  Chances are, you won’t be trying to “get in shape”.  Instead, you'll be burning fat 24/7, and enjoying life as you should...full of vitality and passion.

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